Alejandra's story


Alejandra, an Indigenous, transgender woman from Oaxaca, Mexico escaped violence in her hometown and fled to the U.S. 28-years-ago. Today, Alejandra’s elderly mother eagerly awaits in Oaxaca for her child’s return after all those years apart. However, Alejandra’s transnational journey proves to be particularly challenging as familiar prejudices threaten to keep this family apart, this time on the Northern side of the border.

But Alejandra will not back down. She is determined to be reunited with her mother. She is determined to fight for her community. She is determined to live the life she was meant to live.

Alejandra's lifelong quest for a safe place to call home through her intersecting identities have turned her into a beacon of solidarity to many in her California community. As she steps up to protect the rights of immigrants, LGBTQ+ friends, indigenous people and women around her, her story is a testament to the importance – and sometimes limits– of mutual solidarity.


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